My Hobby

I have to say that through all the pain I do endure, that I have a very fulfilling hobby that I wouldn’t give up for the world. I have made a bit of money, and one day I hope to be a professional. I am really put out that my RA may effect my dream, but I keep going. This is the one thing I will NEVER give up!

Photography. Enjoy a feed of my random photos; my art.

Living with RA
This is a flower that came in a bouquet sent to me by some coworkers during one of my flare ups.
Photograph of sky
Skylight brings me a happiness I can not explain.
Sunset photo
When the sun sets over the place where I live, it can be so surreal.
Photo of a man in the fog
The man that I once loved is barely distinguishable in the fog. How appropriate.
Cup photography
Drinking tea from a nice thick coffee mug. Happiness in liquid form.
Toddler Photograph
My littlest girl so so sweet! Some days I can barely stand it!
Blue eyes photograph
My beautiful girl, and her beautiful blue eyes.
Photo of yellow flower
I love the way these yellow flowers stand out in the wood chips.
Flower photograph
I love how this flower looks like a fish! I couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph it!
Dew on flower
Dew drops on leaves are one of my favorite things! The beauty of the water beads makes me happy!
Bridal Veil Falls
Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Utah. So very beautiful! Nature is awesome!
Photo of leaf
More dew drops on a leaf. I just love it too much to not take so many pictures of it!

4 thoughts on “My Hobby

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  1. Your photos are so beautiful and I find that they have a very professional look to them. Continue to follow your dreams despite the hardships that may try to block your path. Doing things that bring you happiness is very rewarding. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I haven’t gone out and about for a few weeks, and I’ve been aching to. Maybe I’ll go out this week, and update some of my work. On this page, even. 🙂

  2. Its so great that you are continuing since your photos are amazing! Don’t ever give up on your dream. I know how easy it is to think about the fact that your pain/symptoms will affect your dreams. I also love photography, especially pictures of nature and flowers and scenery. Your photos portray a lot of life and emotion. With chronic pain, I have sometimes felt little revelations of how beautiful life is by looking at nature and connecting with it even for just a brief moment like when the sunshine is warming up your back, or how the colorful leaves fall off the trees in the fall…. Your photos remind me of those brilliant moments!

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