New Day, New Tests 

​Looks like I’m going in on Tuesday for even more tests. 
This time it’s a full scope checking for ulcers and digestive diseases. I’ve been asking for this test for YEARS! I was even told by my Gastroenterologist at appointment that it wouldn’t get approved, and I’d need to wait at least 6 more months for the full scope. That I had to change meds a few times, and I’d only get an upper endoscopy for now. 
Then all the sudden, my General Practitioner sees that it’s only an upper scope,  because he has to approve all my medical procedures,  and goes,  “No,  she needs both. She’s very sick.” And changes my order.  My insurance company approved it. Hmm.  
Makes me very irritated with my Gastro, because I HATE changing meds, and it puts my body through hell. Especially meds for my lower digestive tract.  It HURTS so very bad.  
I’m just glad I have a Dr who looks out for me like that.  He has been my physician for nearly 4 years now,  and has been able to push for things I need. My previous Dr often took the easy way out, or excused a lot of things he shouldn’t have.  But I am very thankful for the physician who stood in for him while he was on vacation once, and who I’ve been seeing since.  
He knows when to push me to see specialists,  and what he can and can’t help me with. He’s been a huge advocate for finding and treating my illness and not just my symptoms,  but not leaving me to suffer.  He was so frustrated with the ER Dr who reported me as a drug seeker,  because he knows I hate taking pills,  and fight to get off them, not on them! He knows I hate the high feeling from pain meds,  and sought out a pain killer that would specifically leave with me add little of a high feeling as possible! 
I’m just glad that I’ve got good people in my corner.  He’s also sending a referral to a neurologist of my choice that my insurance will cover.  When I was losing my vision,  he called me on his cell phone on the weekend to make sure I was ok.  We need more medical professionals like my Dr. I got lucky with him! In fact,  in that same clinic is my gynecologist,  and he’s awesome as well.  Central Orem Clinic employs some amazing Drs. And their medical assistants are just as awesome.  They email and call me.  They’re great about getting back to me as soon as they can.  They really just reach out,  and do their best to keep up and make things easy for the patients.  
Though… their reception staff isn’t the best.  Haha.


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