I’m Not An Emotional Person..

I’m not an emotional person. I don’t really cry. If anything, I get mad. It’s just how I am.

That being said, I see all these news stories about autistic kids being killed by their own parents. Gays being beaten, and shunned. Transgenders out on the streets, and starving. I see people fighting over what is real love, and what is just their version of it. Who can and can’t marry, and got what reasons. People are afraid of an illness that hasn’t even touched the United States, however have no concern about the victims that have been touched by Ebola.

The amount of selfishness and cruelty makes me want to leave the internet. The rape victims. Domestic violence. Cat calling. Fear. Hurt. Hatred. Fighting. All of this over opinions. Religion. God’s law vs man’s law. But… no love. Understanding? Blame. Pointing fingers. Hopelessness and PAIN!!!

I literally cry. I am home sick, in daily pain and my suffrage is NOTHING compared to those effected by all of the above. I wish I could help them. Each and every one of them. The suffrage hurts me, and I can’t help but tear up, and feel for them. I can’t believe that so many people, ABLE to make the change and save soo many… simply refuse. They walk away, and ignore the pain. They cause it! They slam it around, and they hurt left and right, all the while feeling righteous! Feeling just. My heart aches for those effected. I hope yours does as well, and if you are one of these people supporting the pain and anguish, I suggest you take a close look at yourself. What are you doing that is PRODUCTIVE to love? Do you really think this is “right”?

I can’t say I’m an emotional person.. per say. But I can now say that I have found my heart in a way I never knew I would have to. I cry for them, and wish that was enough to change it.


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