Is that so much to ask. ..


woman-hands-on-head-eyes-closedI haven’t posted in a few days, and though I’m going to post a much longer blog tomorrow I had to post about my woes.
My head has been hurting the last few hours, and I figured it was just from everything I had done, and I was running low on spoons. My right temple has been the worst, and about five minutes ago I found a flat, hard, quarter sized cyst building up right on top of my temple.  Looks like I’m doomed to suffer headaches at least temporally until it decides to heal.

One week.  An entire week.  That’s what I’m asking for. One week without any new issues. Is that so much to ask? ?


2 thoughts on “Is that so much to ask. ..

    • I hope it happens for you as well. It’s always nice to even have a few days, which I am grateful I had earlier this week, but today is relax and try to let my body work through it’s self destruction. I also found a lovely sore on my tongue. The right side. I expect inflamed lymph nodes and muscle aches for the next week or so. After that, I’m sure the relief will feel magical!

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