Cold morning, aches and pains. Still on my makeup strike, so a quick pony tail and random clothes I threw on for the day. Arrive at work with so many things in hand for multiple projects I have today, so I park up front in the dedicated work parking we generally leave open, however I feel justified in using up due to my stiff body and extra work I am completing today. This did not go unnoticed by “Jackhole”, as he has already mentioned it to my dear Kendall. “Is that her car? Interesting…”

You know what would be REALLY interesting Jackhole? If I punched you in your horrible face!! Or if Iangrywoman kicked you in your tiny man junk. It would be worth the pain I would likely suffer for the next week or so. You have no idea how close I am to giving this man a piece of my mind! So close I had to stop in on my blog and vent before I risk my job for spewing the word vomit I would love to throw at him. The little bit of satisfaction I have? My customer and performance stats are higher than his, and are displayed for all to see on our stats board at work. That is right, fucker! I have 27% more success with my clients than you do, bitch. I also have a higher revenue this month, so you can just suck my lady balls.



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