Pain Affects Everyone


As a chronic pain sufferer, this speaks to me on a level, that as she explains, can only be truly felt by the sufferers.


Pain Affects Everyone

I’ll never forget the day I first set foot into the Pain Management Center at the Mayo Clinic. I was about to enter an entire new world I knew nothing about. I had completely run out of options on how to cure or manage my pain and knew in the back of my mind this was my final shot. However, I was angry. I did not want to be a part of a program whose philosophy was to “live with the pain” instead of “curing the pain.” It is hard to forget calling my dad from Minnesota arguing with him about getting out of this program I had been accepted into. He had been there with me through my brain surgery that occurred in my young teens and had spent years taking me to every doctor possible to cure my chronic pain. He had seen me at my lowest, watched…

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