Missing You


Lay me down to sleep. Kiss my face and tell me that you love me. jack-xij-oughton-poem-poetry-article-high-contrast-image-woman-standing-alone-0011 Look deep into my soul, see my scars, my tainted and damaged self. Love me anyway.

I run my fingers across your skin, and listen to you breath. I love each and every blemish. Your laugh is like music to me, and your eyes make my heart dance. I can’t get enough of you.

When you are away, it is like I am away from me. There is something missing from within, but when you lay close to me, I connect with myself. I am healed.

Some things you can never undo. The shattered, tattered pieces of you can never be mended. I can never fix what I broke, and though I stand whole, I am missing my soul. I am missing you.


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