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This is a post I started last night, but never posted because I was in so much pain, I had to put the laptop down and curl up.

This post is going to be short. I am in pain. All day my body has been in pain. My ribs, my intestines, my knee, my foot. It hurts all over, and I can’t seem to get it under control. I have popped a few pain meds, taken my anti spasm medication, and rested. I am almost 100% convinced that I was glutened. My kids have been getting sloppy again, and started leaving yucky crumbs and foods all over my house. I can’t help but think that I consumed at least a little bit of gluten and caused a flare up. Of course, there is no way that I can miss work tomorrow, or at all any time soon. I need to work at least 40 hours a week in order to make the cut for my insurance, and I will lose it if I start to “slack” off. two-part mono cutout for pix daily tues I also have two trainees that start tomorrow, so missing work isn’t an option at all.

The more I get to know about fibro, the more questions I have. Is this fibro for sure? Is the RA and celiac from the fibro, or the other way around? People with fibro often get different forms or arthritis, and also have a hard time processing gluten. I am never sure what is and is not going on inside my body. All I know is that I am in pain. I know it hurts to be touched at all sometimes, and this sucks beyond explanation. At least a few times a week I am uncomfortable ALL day. The clothing on my body will twist and pull, and sometimes feels like it is trying to rip into my body. My head hurts daily. My arms, elbows, knees. There is never FULL relief. I have been in better control of my emotions, and yesterday was spent laughing the entire day with my girls. I felt like crap, but I pushed through it and played with my girls. I let them know my limits, and they kept to them. Then today.. today has been awful. At one point, I was concerned that something was going to burst inside me. The pain and pressure was overwhelming, and I could no nothing but sit and be in pain. I took some of my pain meds, but they are for nerve pain, so the intestinal pain did not really subside. Now all I can hope for is getting into a comfortable position and get past this pain.


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