You Are Always Perfect

Yesterday I was told that every moment is perfect. Everything is meant to be, and each moment is in life is just as it should be. That everything about me is perfect, and I am exactly what I am meant to be right now. BlackSwan.Image (1) That I should be thankful for everything I am, and I am beautiful. That good friend of mine looked me right in the face as I bent over the front desk at work, laying my head on my arms, talking to my favorite receptionist/friend, and whining about how miserable I am. I complained by my health, about my dating life; My sex life. It’s been months since something satisfying happened in that department, and I have been quite frustrated. This is the longest I have been single in over 5 years, so it is all new for me, and during this time I could very much use the closeness. I am so used to the touch of a man. Being held, kissed, and loved. I just want to be wanted during the hardest thing I have ever been through. Jeremy leaned over me as he walked by, patted me in the back, and told me he loved me. “I know you do.” was all I could reply.


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