It’s MRI day, and I am going in less than an hour. I have a date tonight as well, so my day is pretty full. I have to admit that I am a bit anxious, as I have been vomiting all day, and couldn’t even keep a banana down. I don’t want to end up puking on myself, a nurse, or the machine. It’s a bit nerve racking as well because I have never had an MRI. I know things will go fine, but I am just a bit… ugh.

I also made an appointment this morning to go get blood work on Friday to test for additional autoimmune diseases, focusing on Lupus. I am sure I will feel just as anxious then, and will post again. Wish me luck?


3 thoughts on “MRI

    • I’ll post about the MRI either tonight or tomorrow. I’m mid ra flare, so it was painful and anxiety inducing. My date got in a car accident right as I went into my MRI. Someone side swiped him. He was pretty shaken up, so we cancelled.

      I already took pain medication, so I’m drifting off.

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