I never really understood the term “Friendzoned”. I mean, I get the premise behind it, but it is kind of demeaning to both parties involved. I hate feeling guilty for having no interest in someone, but still wanting to spend time with them. Is it so bad to enjoy someone’s company of the opposite sex, and NOT want to engage in either a sexual or romantic relationship with them? For example, I have a friend I have been hanging out with for about three weeks, who I very much enjoy spending time with. He makes me laugh, we have a lot in common, and I can spend hours interacting with him. He understands that I am sick, and is willing to rub my sore muscles while we hang out. woman-rejecting-man-online-datingI feel like I could tell him so many things, but I have ZERO romantic feelings for him. I have no urge to come into any type of sexual contact with him. So am I to feel guilty and wrong? I tell him I have no interest, but I love hanging out with him. We text constantly, and inside I know he wants more. He flat out tells me how attracted he is to me, and likes me. Why am I lead to believe by society standards now that I can’t have this type of friendship with him?

Why is it that at this point the male gender is going to see me as one of the bitches that “unfairly” doesn’t engage in any type of sexual contact with him? I have plenty of friends I enjoy hanging out with. Should I have sex with each and every one of them that finds me attractive? Why is it that at this stage, woman are made to feel ashamed, and almost REQUIRED to at least “give him a go” at them? NO! No.. I disagree completely. I refuse to let this happen, and have no urge to allow this. Yes. He is sweet. Yes. We have so much in common. No. I am NOT attracted to him. I feel bad being one of those, “If only I could find a guy like you” girls, but it’s true. He is tall, lanky, has what I refer to (possibly offensively, but whatever) as a ‘jew fro’, and his tone is extremely effeminate. He mannerisms are very UNSEXY, and I have ZERO attraction to him. If I found a man who’s personality was similar, and was what I found attractive, would I date him? Very likely. Does that make me a bitch? Should I allow someone to put their hands on me that I find completely and utterly physically appalling? Yeah.. no.

I refuse to feel guilty about friendzoning. Get over it.


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