That’s Why I Fell Out of an Apple Tree..

“…. and that is why I fell out of an apple tree.”

These are the words that stick in my mind as I go about my day today. An odd conversation I had with a friend as we laid in my bed last night. He had scratches on his left arm, and multiple wounds on his leg. When I asked him what had happened, his only response was “I fell out of an apple tree.” We sat in silence for a moment before I said, “What?”. This lead into a long explanation about how much he loves his children, and how he would do anything for them. I respect a man who has such passion for his children that he gets emotional about them. I am not sure if he is emotional in general, or if he was just exhausted from the last few hours of activity, but either way, it surprised me. It, after all, was quite late. He went on about love, life, and his babies. He has three beautiful children, whom his whole life revolves around. Unfortunately he is only able to see them a limited amount of time, as he has standard visitation rights. I watched him as he continued on with loving stories about his babies, and I could see both the love and the pain in his eyes.

CaptureWe talked about the lack of parents that my children have; it’s just me. I could see the disgust for the men who have abandoned their children. Not just mine, but in general. I have never seen him be emotional before, though I haven’t really spent much time with him in years. You would never guess this man was so sensitive, until you look into his eyes. His eyes tell a completely different story, and tonight is the first time I have ever truly looked deep into them. He is fit, tattooed, and has a “bad boy” look to him in general, but this side of him? You would never suspect. For the last 4 hours I have seen many sides of this man I have never seen before, and for the first time I feel like I have met him. I have known him for three years, but I had never “met” him until last night. He was much different than I thought. The interactions from the moment he walked through my door have been quite a unique experience for both of us. I had the floor, the full control of our interactions, and though I thought I knew what was going on, I was completely clueless as to what was going to actually occur. And so was he.. Mutual surprise.

I never did find out exactly how he fell out of the tree, though we ended up talking in circles around the story for quite some time. Such love. Appreciation of life. Even general music preferences, and writing style. He is a musician (a quite talented one, I may add), and though the one time I went to see his show was the one time he happened to cancel, I have seen him many times on video. After some unexpected emotions, awkward conversation, and a few drinks, he finally stopped and looked me straight in the eye. We sat in silence for a few moments; I played with my hair aimlessly, never breaking the mutual gaze. I couldn’t get past this person I thought I had at least mildly knew, however was completely wrong about. He finally broke the silence, which ruptured me into intense laughter. All he said was:

“And that’s why I fell out of an apple tree..”


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