The Baby!!!

The baby came yesterday, and I went to see her! She is SO very beautiful! I have been friends with my Jenni for 17 years now, and it was so surreal to see my daughter (who is 13) holding her newborn. We always talked about our kids growing up together, and them being best friends as well. Now my baby is holding her baby, and loves her already! Jenni and I have been so close, that my kids call her Aunt Jenni. They were surprised to find out that she wasn’t one of my many sisters, as we are closer than I am to any of them.

DSC_0483During our visit, we talked about what we always though it would be like when we were both parents. Constantly getting our kids together to play, photos, trips to the zoo, etc. Now my youngest daughter is 3 1/2 years older than her baby. I cracked a joke that it is her turn to carry on the tradition of having a baby every 3 years. She declined, but I am sure she will get the baby bug again one day. We all do, though mine were all accidents. One thing that dawned on both of us while we gazed at the beauty of her new baby was that neither of us ever expected to have a mixed race baby. Now we both have babies that are 1/4 black. Jenni expected her babies to be blond haired and blue eyed. That isn’t going to happen now, though she is ridiculously in love with her baby, and wouldn’t have her any other way.

I love my best friend, and I wish we lived closer. I would love to go to her house and help her when she is too exhausted to change her new baby. I would love to take her off Jenni’s hands so that she can have a nap, or maybe clean her house. I would love to take her JUST to spend time with her and snuggle her beautiful little face! Not only do I live too far away for this, but right now I am far too sick to do this. I can barely take care of myself, I know I will not be able to help take care of her. The good thing is that we have phones. We can talk, and text when she needs me. I look forward to all of the wonderful things that she gets to experience, and the world she has just entered. The world of parenthood changes your life, and you are never the same! I can’t wait to see all of the changes to her world. The smiles, the laughter, and the mommy grow in her. It’s going to be magical!


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