Sore Gums – Wtf?

After having a lunch of chopped up left over steak from yesterday, my gums began to ache and swell. Two of my teeth (on opposite sides of my mouth) started aching, and won’t stop. My whole mouth has begun to ache and swell. I turned to Google to see if perhaps this was related to the RA; low and behold! It is. Fun.

My grandma, who also has RA, lost her teeth when she was in her 40’s. Reading up on this disease, I have found that since my relatives had issues with this, it is likely that I will, too. Awesome. Effing AWESOME!

I am angry about my teeth, and very concerned for the future. I don’t want to wear false teeth. I want to keep my own teeth!! I either need to accept and realize that everything that hurts is relevant to RA and STOP Googling things.. or get a grip on my anger for the discoveries I make.

At least I have a pretty face, right?QVLMbHP


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